2021 2nd International Conference on Modern Education and Information Management (ICMEIM 2021)
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The 2nd International Conference on Modern Education and Information Management(ICMEIM 2021)was held ceremoniously online on September 11, 2021. Thanks to the support of experts and scholars! A total of 70 people attended the conference, including 4 keynote speakers and 8 oral speakers to share academic reports.



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Keynote Speeker 1: Prof. Zhengshuan Li, from Hebei Normal University, China

Speech Title: New Discovery of Two English Versions of Mao Zedong's Poems by Corpus


Keynote Speeker 2: Assoc. Prof. Tomozii Elena Simona from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Speech Title: Facing the tendencies of 21st Century


Keynote Speeker 3: Prof. Gordana Kierans, from Shenzhen Technology Universityiversity of Foreign Studies

Speech Title: Technological Advancements in Indian Education System


Keynote Speeker 4: Prof. Jing Nanfei, from Hangzhou Dianzi University China

Speech Title: Sharpening Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in English Literature Courses


Oral Speaker 1: Xiaoshi Zhang

Speech Title: Reflection and Exploration of Career Education in Universities in the New Era


Oral Speaker 2: Feng Chen

Speech Title: Challenges and Strategies of education data security and privacy protection in the era of artificial intelligence education 


Oral Speaker 3: Jian Ye

Speech Title: Modern Education, Technology Innovation and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from China


Oral Speaker 4: Tingting Dai

Speech Title: Modern Distance Education in the Continuing Higher Education of China: Strategies and Implications


Oral Speaker 5: Yingjing Xu

Speech Title: Research on Blended Teaching Mode of Network Curriculum Group of Electrical Engineering Specialty Based on Green Petrochemical Industrial Cluster


Oral Speaker 6: Chengchieh Su

Speech Title: Designing English Writing Courses in College: An Integrated Approach


Oral Speaker 7: Youbin Chen

Speech Title: Media-Tech Advancements-BasedMass Communication and SOEs& Public Institutions’ InnovationsforParty-Building Publicity and Education in the All-Media Era


Oral Speaker 8: Neng Zhang

Speech Title: Research On Teaching Mode Of Building Architecture Based On Digital Technology